The mission of Pacific Shores Recovery is to provide safe and sober transitional housing and sober living for persons that have experienced alcohol and/or drug addiction related problems.


Success is a wonderful thing and we have had many, many guests who have come through Pacific Shores Recovery and are 100% sober today. Though the staff at Pac Shores assist and helps guide each client down their new path in every possible way, sobriety and a chance for a new life is clearly the personal accomplishment of the client.

We have experienced many individuals who became aware of personal positive change within days of admission to Pacific Shores Recovery. Environment and individual attitude are key factors in recovery. With proper constructive reinforcements, self-motivation and your continued commitment to maintaining an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle, your life will move in many new positive directions.

Our management team is dedicated to seeing Pacific Shores Recovery do the right thing and provide each guest with all that is needed for success in recovery, today and in the upcoming future. Our guiding principles are quite simple; treat people like you would like to be treated. This is accomplished through love, peace, happiness and joy.



"I was homeless and detoxing on the street when I reached out. These last 6 to 7 years have been similar. Deep down I had a little bit of hope inside that I could be a better family member and be a better man. You guys provided an amazing environment that helped me get back on my feet. After Pac Shores I now have a job, I have consistency, and my relationship with my family is what I most enjoy about being sober."

- Borja S.


"Before Pac Shores my life was in i have over 6 1/2 years clean, I'm married, have a four year old daughter, have my own business, and life is very good! i am so grateful to everyone at Pac Shores."

- Travis N.


"Before Pacific Shores I was not happy and was not an honest man. There were issues i didn't deal with, the father, the divorce, my mother... It got to a point where it was so pathetic i said to myself i can't even die right. Pacific Shores taught me respect and i learned what integrity is... You guys saved my life and I'm eternally grateful for that."

- Dae W.

"The best thing I've ever done in my life, thank you Pacific Shores."

- Carol B.

"I have a direction now, I have real hope for a fulfilling future."

- John G.

"What attracted me, was when I first visited Pac Shores I heard laughter coming from the patio area and it sounded like the other guests were having fun in recovery."

Steve D.



Please feel free to call our staff today at 949-574-2510 and tour our facilities.

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Treatment Programs

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Admissions Process

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