100% Licensed Therapists – Pacific Shores Recovery

Are our therapists licensed at Pacific Shores Recovery?

100% yes!

All our therapists are fully licensed

We will not hire a person unless they have a license. Furthermore, we make sure that all our therapists have also completed their masters degrees, which means they go to school a lot longer than most other people. Then they have to go through the board to make sure they pass the test. So not only the schooling is there but they have to pass the test. 

Once they begin working for us, first of all we do a background check. And then we go through in-depth training for what we look for to make sure that we can leverage their area of expertise to best serve our clients.

Why therapists love working with us

One of the reasons therapists really enjoy working with us is because we go through a core of foundational training so they understand what is needed to really work in this field – not just the addiction but to really hone in on the underlying effects of the core issues that are perpetuating the addiction. And so that’s why they’re great with treating trauma, anxiety and depression, as well as other mental health issues. 

So are our therapists licensed? 100%

At the time of this recording we have four therapists. All are fantastic and all of them have their special expertise area or modalities. 

The reason why we love being able to have them leverage their core strengths is because our clients are able to really benefit and get to the core of their issues that are so much deeper than the actual drugs or alcohol. While they’re here they’re able to get that core work done.

Why our clients love our therapists

I can’t tell you how many times our clients said, “I’ve had so many different types of therapists but I’ve never had sessions or had the breakthrough and growth that I’ve had with the therapists here.” So that’s a great testimonial from many of the clients. 

Yes, our therapists are not only licensed but they are elite and at the top of their game. We’re excited for you to come into the program to get to work with one of our therapists.

If you’d like to learn more about our therapists or the rest of our team, feel free to call us at: 1-888-435-7750