Addiction Recovery: Our Vision for You in 2020

Men and women who find themselves unable to stop using drugs or alcohol can significantly benefit from seeking professional assistance. Addiction is one of the most severe public health crises in America. While effective treatments exist and addiction recovery is possible, reaching out for help is challenging for most people.

With the New Year underway, many Americans are considering making drastic changes in their lives regarding drug and alcohol use. Perhaps you can count yourself among those who are in the grips of the progressive disease of addiction and would like to find freedom? If so, we hope that you can find the strength to reach out for assistance.

At Pacific Shores Recovery, we fully grasp the tremendous amount of courage required to ask for help. We know that the stigma of addiction and co-occurring mental illness is both daunting and pervasive. The shame and guilt that men and women experience owing to mental and behavioral health disorders stand in the way of treatment and recovery.

No other life-threatening illness is viewed the same way as diseases of the mind, even though medical professionals unanimously agree that mental illness is backed by empirical evidence. There is no longer a debate in the field of medicine as to whether or not addiction is a medical condition that should be looked at in the same way one might diabetes. Still, much of society struggles to understand how a person can let drugs and alcohol take hold of their life.

While there is no cure for addiction, just like diabetes, there is a cure for stigma. Alcohol and substance use disorder share something else in common with diabetes, all three are treatable, and recovery is possible through a program of daily maintenance.

Look Beyond the Stigma and Seek Addiction Recovery

If guilt and shame or concerns about the views of others are barriers to seeking addiction treatment, then please know that you are not alone. Millions of Americans share your sentiment; however, millions have also found addiction recovery by looking beyond social stigmas. It isn’t easy, but seeking treatment is a life-saving decision. The stakes of mental and behavioral health disorders are exceedingly high.

The fact that you’re not alone, and that seeking help is a sign of strength instead of weakness might serve as the impetus for you picking up the phone and calling for help. Evidence-based therapies have helped millions of people who meet similar medical criteria as you. Whether you are struggling with addiction alone or are dealing with a co-occurring mental illness too, it’s possible for you to achieve lasting recovery.

2020 can be the year that you are able to turn your life around by breaking the disease cycle. Doing so will require hard work, but you can start leading a healthy and productive life with professional guidance.

Addiction recovery services have come a long way in recent years. Effective medications can ease the discomfort of withdrawal and mitigate the symptoms that people with dual diagnosis face. Specialized modalities such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and experiential therapy exponentially increase one’s ability to achieve lasting addiction recovery.

We strongly encourage you to seek the assistance of a treatment center that offers a full continuum of care. At Pacific Shores, our dedicated team of addiction professionals stands by clients every step of the way, from detox to aftercare. What’s more, we understand that each client has unique needs, which is why we offer various programs and services, such as gender-specific treatment tracks.

Realizing Addiction Recovery in 2020

Please contact Pacific Shores today to more about our addiction recovery vision for you. We are in-network with most major insurance companies to help offset the cost of your treatment. Our team is standing by 24 hours a day to field any of your questions about detox, residential treatment (RTC), transitional housing solutions (IOP), and sober living home environments. We will meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be.