Addiction Recovery Support Network

addictionIf you are new to recovery, then you have hopefully gleaned by now that you cannot stay on track without support. The chances are that you tried to get clean and sober on more than one occasion on sheer will alone, only to find that more was required. Addicts and alcoholics try just about anything before deciding that their attempts at abstinence were nonstarters from the beginning. People realize that attaining lasting recovery rests on one doing the opposite of what they were once doing, hence the adage, ‘the only thing that I need to change is everything.’

Active addiction is typically a lonely existence. While you may get on the highway of addiction in the company of others, by the time you are approaching the exit ramp it is usually just you and your disorder. The disease cuts you off from more than just friends and family; it severs any connection one has with the spiritual world as well. Unmanaged mental illness keeps individuals from reaching their potential; it prevents many from holding down employment; and, it hinders people’s ability to be accountable and responsible.

Those who are willing to do whatever it takes to lead a new existence, learn that everything that they do moving forward makes or breaks their ability to stay a course of recovery. Since going it alone doesn’t work, people serious about recovery reach out for help. A good many people dive right into to programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, attending meetings and working the steps. However, there exists a significant number of individuals who require more assistance. Such people decide to reach out to addiction treatment facilities to learn the skills and coping mechanisms as are necessary for a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Achieving Long-Term Addiction Recovery, Together


Whether you jump right into a program of healing or seek the help of an evidence-based addiction treatment center, the reality for those working a program is the same; long-term recovery depends on working with others today, to have a chance at a sober tomorrow. Those in treatment or sober living, learn right off that drawing strength from a support network is a must. At meetings, those new to the program are encouraged to get a sponsor or mentor (depending on the modality); they are asked to find someone who has been where they have been and took steps to keep their disease at bay.

Naturally, following the directions of others isn’t always easy and at times those in early recovery want to walk away; but, it is vital to resist such temptations and remind oneself that nothing good can come from recovery alternatives. The pull of addiction is compelling, and the road to lasting recovery has many pitfalls which can jeopardize the mission. A support network is what one relies on when it seems like every cell in your body is demanding drugs or alcohol. You turn to your support group when you are unsure of how to proceed in a given situation.

When recovery is in its infancy, the people who succeed are those who develop relationships with others in the program. It doesn’t matter if you are in treatment, sober living, or living on your own, the people you surround yourself with are both instrumental and invaluable to your recovery. If you have not taken the time to extend your hand to people at meetings, write down phone numbers, and ask to get to know people better, then there is no time like the present.

Recovery Centers Strengthen Your Resolve


Having a good foundation to build a program upon is critical; seeking help in laying such a base is one of the benefits of professional assistance. Those who receive support by way of addiction treatment or sober living position themselves to better handle the trials and tribulations that often lead to relapse. Here at Pacific Shores, we provide clients with a history of addiction safe and sober transitional housing—a stress-free environment. For clients who require more significant levels of care, we offer 30, 60, 90, & 180 Day Residential Treatment Programs. Please contact us today for a New Hope and a New Life.