A Month can Make a Difference: a Parent’s Perspective

A MONTH AGO:“I was scared.I was scared to communicate.I was scared to confront.I was scared to discipline him.I did not know how to manage anything, in my life, in my home.My home became a really dark place for me.I didn’t have help from other family members.” A MONTH LATER AFTER WORKING WITH US:“Physically a month… Continue reading A Month can Make a Difference: a Parent’s Perspective

Danni Saves Her Family

Addiction is a disease that is not limited to the individual. It affects the entire family beyond the addicted person. Case in point, meet Danni, who has chosen to take the path of recovery with us at Pacific Shores. Danni was addicted to drinking and smoking weed. Whenever she didn’t have anything to eat or… Continue reading Danni Saves Her Family

X Gets A Second Chance

Here’s a small but powerful example of a transformation. One of the tasks X was expected to do was to take inventory and write it down, however there was some miscommunication on the expectations. Previously, X might have listed all the reasons why he was right and the other person was wrong, however he took… Continue reading X Gets A Second Chance