Weekly Activities

One of the neat things about being a small family-run operation is that we are able to do many fun things in an intimate setting. We’re also able to look at the pulse of the group, that is, if the group dynamic is saying they want to do a lot more outdoor activities, we’re able… Continue reading Weekly Activities

The 2d’s of the Role of Environment in Addiction Recovery

One of the strongest external factors that can influence addiction is the environment around us. This is also a factor that’s actually controllable. Once we see the positive effect the environment can have on our lives, we will want to keep elevating the game more and more. As Dr. Sean Stephensen, the 3 foot giant,… Continue reading The 2d’s of the Role of Environment in Addiction Recovery

Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, which means that now is an excellent time to start planning. It’s vital to have a schedule for navigating the holiday so that you can keep your recovery intact. It’s no secret that the holiday season is challenging for people in recovery, but that does not mean… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Do something every day for your addiction recovery. It goes without saying that early recovery is a challenging period. One’s mind, body, and spirit undergoes enormous changes from detox onward. Each day can vary from the next emotionally, but establishing a healthy routine helps people cope with their feelings and prevent one from acting adversely.… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder

Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day are behind us now. Hopefully, you had the opportunity to help shine a light on the topic and will continue to do so moving forward. A couple of weeks ago, we shared that COVID-19 is affecting people’s mental well-being; we must keep spreading the message that… Continue reading Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder