Danni Saves Her Family

Addiction is a disease that is not limited to the individual. It affects the entire family beyond the addicted person. Case in point, meet Danni, who has chosen to take the path of recovery with us at Pacific Shores.

Danni was addicted to drinking and smoking weed. Whenever she didn’t have anything to eat or anything to buy or anywhere to go or anything to watch or didn’t need to sleep, she couldn’t just sit there and be content. She would drink, or get high, or self-harm. Each time she went through an episode of self-harm it would be a scary time for her family. Medical situations, like needing stitches, or needing to get hospitalized fell upon her family.

So when Danni chose to recover with us, she didn’t just save herself, she saved her family, and gave herself a future with her son. We wish her well on her journey!