Detox In Newport Beach With Pac Shores

Our Detox Team

Our medical detox team is fantastic. We have an entire team that’s here for you, including a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, and several others that are here to help.


One of our main individuals who oversees the psychiatric aspect really knows his stuff. He’s a pharmacological genius. He knows how this stuff works. He’s been able to see clients who come in and have been on certain medications with side effects, and because of his extensive knowledge in this field we’ve been able to tweak just a few things that literally eliminate or mitigate the side effects to get the desired outcome.

Therapists and Case Managers

One of the main reasons we are more successful than other rehabs is because of how we approach a client. Where we’re different from a lot of other places is that when a person needs a medical detox, we’re able to jump in with a therapist and a case manager as quickly as possible to start doing the work. We really got tired of hearing complaints of people coming in who had supposedly done detox before at other places, but they had just been sitting down watching movies, and hadn’t started the work yet. They came in with no fundamentals or foundation.
When we start the detox process here we’re able to jump in and to actually start their growth as quickly as possible.

Medically Assisted Detox

We also provide medically assisted detox so you do not have to be uncomfortable. That’s why with our team and staff we’re able to make sure not only that you’re safe, but also that you’re taken care of, so you’re taking advantages of some of the growth to get into therapy sessions and to start working on the core issues so we can help you grow even at the detox level.

Do you want to jumpstart your detox with us?

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