Detox Through Outpatient – Drug and Alcohol Rehab, Newport Beach, CA

Can I complete detox as well as outpatient at pacific shores?

Simple answer is, absolutely! In fact, those that come through the detox program and do our inpatient program, then transition over to our day treatment and outpatient program have the highest rate of success. That’s why we have the 90-day program that most people subscribe to and end up doing fantastic. 

We have a lot of people that initially come in for 30 days, and once they’re here for a couple of weeks they see the magic that happens and then they say “I’ll do whatever it takes to do the full 90 days because if it’s this good at 3 weeks imagine what it could be after 3 months.” The ones who get their life back that’s far greater than anything they experienced before go through the entire 90 days from detox through the out patient.

Why you need the 90-day program

The reason why is it gives time for the content and the information to percolate so it makes sense, it gives time to rewire and retrain the brain. Adapting these new coping methods and mechanisms and the conditioning takes time and time again for triggers to surface, to figure out what’s really going on once the physical addiction is put aside and we allow the emotional, mental, spiritual addictions that drive the physical addictions.

So, abso-freaking-lutely! Those that go through the entire program for 90 days tend to do so much better than those that would just do detox and go home. Because the ones who just do detox turn into rinse and repeat candidates. If you’re currently looking to sign up, we would strongly encourage you to not just do a detox and in-patient and return home. Because the magic really happens at that day 70 – 90 mark where it all comes together.

The movie analogy

There’s a few movies that come to mind when you watch it and it’s okay, but towards the very end of the movie all the twists and the plots all come together, and that’s when it all makes sense and creates a wonderful experience. That’s how our program works as well.

Detox and Outpatient?

YES! and we strongly encourage you to take that track if you want to do kind of a one-and-done experience. I know a lot of times people go to rehab, leave for a year or two, and they keep coming back and forth. Our goal is that you only need it once – you identify the core issue, you work on it in inpatient setting, and then in intensive outpatient, and then the phases kind of progress less and less, and narrow it down until you’re back into your routine of what it’s going to be like at home so you know what to expect.

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