Who do you have to become where you were able to bet all on yourself?

Self doubt and feelings of worthlessness can be so deeply ingrained that they can limit you or even derail you from the life you want to live. But when you commit to improving your mindset, do the daily work that is necessary, and are willing to dedicate time and effort on yourself, slowly but surely change will come.

“Mindsets are made in the morning. While the rest of the world is sleeping, or it wakes up rushing just to get to work, I want to continue to choose the more difficult path. To battle the doubt and the BS stories that I’m a failure, that I’m not good enough, that I’m not worthy of love. Because when I don’t take the war within to paper, it wins, every single time.”
-Mark Manderson, Pacific Shores Recovery

Do you have a morning ritual?

You may have noticed that how you feel your day is, is how the rest of the day goes. If you are having a good day, it becomes a good day, and if you are having a crappy day, it becomes a crappy day. You may also notice that there are more crappy days than good days.

By making the difficult choice to wake up early, and go through a process that sometimes may feel laborious, but other times can feel glorious, you can turn around the crappy days into good days. You can create a morning ritual where you work through your self doubt, and be able to take a stand for what you believe, and let your life be used for something far greater than what you think should happen.

Question of the day

So ask yourself this: Do you wake up with self doubt or uncertainty? Do you feel like you’re a victim some days?

Challenge yourself to create a morning ritual or routine. If you already have one, is there a part you could change, whether it’s meditation, or actually going through and doing some emotional processing, or investigating the thoughts and the questions? But make sure to spend the time doing the work in the morning so you actually get to be the leader, the guide, of your day. That just doesn’t happen to you but it actually happens for you.

What would happen if you began to live this way?

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