Family Involvement in Addiction Recovery – Drug And Alcohol Rehab, Newport Beach, CA

Can my family visit?

Yes! This is one of the few diseases that affects the entire family. So we want the families to visit. Coming from out of state, which a lot of people do, we like doing weekly family phone calls with the individual, we have a whole online family portion that people can do if they are so inclined. Not everyone does it but we strongly encourage you to do it because it’s not just the disease that affects the one person that’s here. But we want to educate about codependency, what your expectations are, as the family, as opposed to what the expectations are for the individual that is here. 

On Sundays families will come by for the barbecue, which is wonderful. We do family sessions – we want the  families as involved as the individual wants.

There is a process we set up. It’s not an open door 24/7 stop-by. It’s something that we set up, plan, we help get the individual ready for the family’s visit because the same triggers are going to keep coming up that came up just weeks before or months before the person got here. That’s what we’d love to actually jump in to help correct and educate so that the family dynamic becomes much stronger and healthier.

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