Help Finding a Job after Recovery – Pacific Shores Recovery, Newport Beach, CA

Do you help me find a job when I’m ready?

Yes! Let me tell you a quick little story. My dad’s uncle, who was like my grandfather – we called him uncle Al growing up – he was an incredible work person. He had a strong work ethic. He had two jobs, maybe 3, he had multiple jobs during the Great Depression and he actually shared this story with my dad, and my dad shared it with me, of how he was able to do that in a time where nobody was able to get work, he was able to get multiple jobs

How our team supports you through the process

I actually made a video to make sure that all clients that come through here have access to. And in one-on-one situations with our client, our case managers, our staff, and our team of people are here to help with everything from giving them feedback on their resumes as well as going over interview questions. They also help our clients learn how to come from a place of strength and overcome the questions that most people are so scared of, especially being in addiction and in recovery. One of the big things we want to make sure is that we’re honest and open but at the same time we want to make sure that we are sharing what is relevant and our team goes over this with you.

Ideal location for finding jobs

To give you an idea of where we’re located, within walking distance there are around 200 shops, grocery stores, eateries, all within walking or biking distance. When it is time for the individual to step down to the next phase to go start looking for a job, I go over the information – it’s about a 20 to 30 minute process – I did a video of it but our team goes over it with them as well. We see consistent results of getting a job within 72 hours when people actually realize this information – they might even have multiple job offers. Those that don’t follow the process say they want to work but aren’t willing to do the work. They might be going back to their old behaviors.

Finding a Get-Well Job

So the answer to the question – do we help with a job? Absolutely! We help you learn how to interview, how to get a job very quickly, but the question is when you get the tools, are you going to do the work? Because here’s a beautiful thing – I’ve been doing this for 18 years. I’ve never had a person say they cannot get a job when they utilize the tools that we teach here. In fact it’s the exact opposite – when a person doesn’t get a job and we start questioning them “Hey, what’s really going on? You’re saying you’re going to all these places, what’s happening?” Typically that’s where the person will open up and begin to own up and say the old behavior is starting to come up, they’re not sure if they want to. 

That’s why we help with what we call a get-well-job. This way, you are able to make money, to go to a place that relies on you, something that you ideally enjoy while you are building back your foundation. So that is how we help.

If you’re ready to go through your recovery process with us, including integrating back into your regular life, we’re here to help: 1-888-435-7750