How A Family Could Heal Together

Opening up is uncomfortable. Exposing our innermost thoughts and feelings is scary. And yet, this is exactly what we do to help families come together and relationships to heal. Because we know that addiction and recovery is not just for an individual, but for the family as well. Here’s a snippet of how that unfolding could happen…

She had a lot of questions going in, not knowing how to proceed, very much embodied in anxiety and fear. While she was used to feeling strong, needing clarity and control, being in this vulnerable space was new to her, and not comfortable. But she opened up from her vulnerable place and shared what she was thinking and feeling, and was able to articulate that she really did care about him. And today, they’re unafraid to confront their issues head on and hammer them out!

This process of finding “grace in the space” as we call it, is an invaluable starting point to rebonding, building stronger relationships, and creating family togetherness.

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