Jason Found A Place That Cares About Him

Jason’s been with us at Pacific Shores Recovery to recover from his drinking problem. He says it had gotten so bad in the past couple of years that his family, his wife and 5 children, moved out of the house and lived elsewhere for several months. Although Jason intended to stay away until he recovered from his drinking problem, it didn’t really work, because he had been to 3 other treatment centers where they really didn’t seem to care about their patients. So he went back home, his family moved out again, he lived in his parents’ garage, all while being desperate to recover and get back to his family. Finally, in Pacific Shores, he found a program that works for him, and people who cared about him.

Here in Jason’s own words:

“I had been to 3 other programs before I found this one. They didn’t seem to have any compassion for anybody that was in there. You can tell they were there just for the paychecks. When I got here, I was skeptical but as time went on I learned that everybody here cares about you, literally, straight from the heart. They feel everything you’re going through – a lot of them have been through the same thing themselves.”

We wish all the success to Jason!