L Learns to let go of the Pain

Past trauma and pain is one of the biggest reasons many people start using substances to numb and sedate it. At Pacific Shores we go deeper after detox to work with painful traumatic experiences and to reprocess them in a safe space.

Here’s one of our clients talking about how freeing it was to let go of her pain:

“It’s a unique therapy to really allow us to touch and address some of the things that we have never really addressed.

it’s ok.
It’s ok to cry.
It’s ok to let go.
It’s ok to be mad.
It’s ok to be mad at our childhood,
It’s ok to be mad at whoever did wrong to us.
It’s ok.

These are things that were trauma in the past that many of us have gone through. We had pushed down to the bottom of the core things that we have never addressed. [Pacific Shores] helps us realize that we can take that numbness away, pull out the pain, address the pain, allow it to flow and let go.”

For over two decades Pacific Shores Recovery, located in beautiful Orange County, California, has been a leader in providing Detox, Residential Treatment (RTC), and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) for those recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Pacific Shores is within walking distance of Newport Beach’s majestic oceanfront, the bay, and shopping. You can walk or bike to five espresso cafes, seventeen restaurants, and countless shops, boutiques and supermarkets. Numerous recreational activities are available in our local mountains, desert and beaches.