Recovery: A Family Program Helps You Heal

Families have trusted Pacific Shores Recovery with the care of their loved ones for more than two decades. This is because we meet each client where they are and guide them to where they want to be. What’s more, we help both individuals and their families heal from addiction.

It’s easy to lose sight that alcohol and substance use disorders are family diseases. You can read the former words in two ways: addiction often runs in the family or an individual’s use disorder causes lasting harm to the entire family.

An individual’s recovery is often made possible or is aided by the participation of the entire family. The parents and spouses of people who suffer from addiction suffer too, which means they need outside support to heal as well.

Everyone benefits when the entire family gets on board with the treatment process. Together, loved ones can work through their issues and plot a course toward sustained recovery. At Pac Shores, we place significant emphasis on family participation with the treatment process.

Long-term recovery is a team effort; it’s essential to restore family unity. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, husbands, and wives must learn how to cope with their loved one’s condition. Moreover, they also need to discover techniques for being part of the solution by doing away with enabling behaviors.

Family Recovery

At Pacific Shores, we understand the pain and suffering that the loved ones of addicts and alcoholics experience. We know that you have lost the ability to trust the word of the person you care about due to repeated dishonest behaviors that accompany addiction. Learning how to regain trust is part of the recovery process.

Perhaps your loved one is resistant to the idea of seeking addiction treatment? Maybe you have tried to convince your son or daughter or your husband or wife to accept help? Hopefully, they understood and received your encouragement well. If not, professional assistance can be beneficial.

Our facility works closely with some of the best interventionists in the nation. Such professionals can assist you in holding a family intervention that proves effective. The healing process begins the moment your loved one makes the courageous decision to embrace sobriety and enter our evidence-based rehabilitation program.

While your family member detoxes and then begins working with counselors to adopt a program of recovery, you will also receive training and support. Pacific Shores family program works with our clients’ families to help them better understand addiction and how to have a healthy relationship moving forward.

Families who choose our Orange County treatment program for their loved one participate in private and group counseling sessions. They also attend family fellowship activities, and workshops, which include but are not limited to:

Addiction has the power to break the family unit apart; recovery restores unity and trust.

Orange County Addiction Recovery Family Program

Throughout the treatment continuum at our Joint Commission-accredited center, the Pacific Shores Recovery’s team supports the loved ones impacted by addiction. Please contact us today to learn more about our programs and services or to schedule a visit to our Newport Beach recovery campus.

We are confident you will decide that Pacific Shores Recovery is the right choice for starting the healing process. Please dial 949.574.2510 to speak with our admissions counselors, who are on-call 24/7.