Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, which means that now is an excellent time to start planning. It’s vital to have a schedule for navigating the holiday so that you can keep your recovery intact. It’s no secret that the holiday season is challenging for people in recovery, but that does not mean… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Do something every day for your addiction recovery. It goes without saying that early recovery is a challenging period. One’s mind, body, and spirit undergoes enormous changes from detox onward. Each day can vary from the next emotionally, but establishing a healthy routine helps people cope with their feelings and prevent one from acting adversely.… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Recovery: A Family Program Helps You Heal

Families have trusted Pacific Shores Recovery with the care of their loved ones for more than two decades. This is because we meet each client where they are and guide them to where they want to be. What’s more, we help both individuals and their families heal from addiction. It’s easy to lose sight that… Continue reading Recovery: A Family Program Helps You Heal

Addiction Recovery Utilizing 12 Step Principles

People find addiction recovery in several ways. However, for a significant number of men and women with severe conditions, detox and addiction treatment is a must. Without a safe environment to establish a program of recovery, long-term progress is unlikely. The healing process does not stop when one is discharged from treatment. Continued mental and… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Utilizing 12 Step Principles