Recovery Fellowship Despite COVID-19

At Pacific Shores Recovery, we hope that you and your family have managed to steer clear of the coronavirus. It’s not easy; some four million Americans – many in addiction recovery – have not been so fortunate. Our thoughts and prayers go out to every citizen whose life has been touched by COVID-19. As we… Continue reading Recovery Fellowship Despite COVID-19

Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse

Relapses occur for a number of reasons, and long before someone takes the first drink or drug. Returning to the use of drugs and alcohol is a process that usually begins when a member of the addiction recovery community lets up on their dedication to the program. If one becomes complacent about how much work… Continue reading Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse

Animated Infographic: Monitoring the Future 2018 Survey Results

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week (NDAFW) begins March 30th and ends one month from today on April 5th. While the annual observance to educate young people about drugs, alcohol, and addiction is still nearly a month away, now is the ideal time to begin getting involved. Men and women working programs of addiction recovery… Continue reading Animated Infographic: Monitoring the Future 2018 Survey Results

Recovery During Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us once again. Hopefully, you’ve experienced maintaining recovery during these challenging times. It’s not a secret that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve can derail a person’s program. However, it’s possible to see the other side of the end of the year — without picking… Continue reading Recovery During Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

The73Percent – For a Healthier Music Climate.

Most people have thought about what it would be like to be a rock or hip-hop star. Success, fame, recognition, and financial security is the stuff of dreams. Many individuals also associate being a musical sensation with A-list parties and living fast with hardly any consequences. However, the real picture of a significant number of… Continue reading The73Percent – For a Healthier Music Climate.

Addiction Recovery Through The Holidays

Individuals working a program of recovery can benefit significantly from having a strategy for the holidays. While most people look forward to days like Christmas, that is not always the case for those in addiction recovery. Men and women working a program must avoid stressful situations. Unfortunately, the holiday season is often accompanied by negative… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Through The Holidays

Addiction Recovery Aided By Exercise

Addiction recovery affords men and women the opportunity to revolutionize their lives completely. Those working a program position themselves to do things in life that they never thought possible, i.e., finishing school. People find that when all their energy no longer goes to fuel the cycle of addiction, then they have time to pursue other… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Aided By Exercise

Addiction Recovery Support Network

If you are new to recovery, then you have hopefully gleaned by now that you cannot stay on track without support. The chances are that you tried to get clean and sober on more than one occasion on sheer will alone, only to find that more was required. Addicts and alcoholics try just about anything… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Support Network