Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Do something every day for your addiction recovery. It goes without saying that early recovery is a challenging period. One’s mind, body, and spirit undergoes enormous changes from detox onward. Each day can vary from the next emotionally, but establishing a healthy routine helps people cope with their feelings and prevent one from acting adversely.… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Recovery on the Fourth of July

Pacific Shores Recovery would like to wish everyone a wonderful Fourth of July! The solstice has come and gone, but Independence Day is when summer kicks off for most people. Warmer weather and longer days mean more time outside with those important to us. Naturally, men and women in recovery want to take steps to… Continue reading Recovery on the Fourth of July

Recovery All Week Long is a Must

Using one’s time wisely can be a significant challenge for just about anyone, life is full of distractions and opportunities to waste available hours. Staying productive is a critical element of a healthy existence and those who lead sedentary lifestyles risk never meeting their real potential. The same reality applies to people who are working… Continue reading Recovery All Week Long is a Must