Recovery Fellowship Despite COVID-19

At Pacific Shores Recovery, we hope that you and your family have managed to steer clear of the coronavirus. It’s not easy; some four million Americans – many in addiction recovery – have not been so fortunate. Our thoughts and prayers go out to every citizen whose life has been touched by COVID-19. As we… Continue reading Recovery Fellowship Despite COVID-19

Recovery First and Progress During a Pandemic

These continue to be trying times for individuals working programs of recovery. As matters continue to worsen around the globe, the prospect of having to continue adhering to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for the indefinite future is high. If you are staying up to date with the news reports, then… Continue reading Recovery First and Progress During a Pandemic

Recovery Benefits from Healthy Sleeping Habits

People who spend years in the throes of addiction are usually malnourished physically, mentally, and spiritually by the time they seek treatment. Long-term drug and alcohol use takes a terrible toll on the human body; part of the recovery process is healing from the damage. Fortunately, the human mind and body have a remarkable ability… Continue reading Recovery Benefits from Healthy Sleeping Habits

Recovery Requires Continued Action

Doing something for your addiction recovery every day is essential. That is something that people who seek treatment learn after detoxification concludes. Those who are affected by alcohol and substance use disorder have to remind themselves that progress is lost without continued effort. Unlike many illnesses, mental and behavioral health conditions can only be managed.… Continue reading Recovery Requires Continued Action