Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, which means that now is an excellent time to start planning. It’s vital to have a schedule for navigating the holiday so that you can keep your recovery intact. It’s no secret that the holiday season is challenging for people in recovery, but that does not mean… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Do something every day for your addiction recovery. It goes without saying that early recovery is a challenging period. One’s mind, body, and spirit undergoes enormous changes from detox onward. Each day can vary from the next emotionally, but establishing a healthy routine helps people cope with their feelings and prevent one from acting adversely.… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Daily Actions

Mental Illness Awareness Week

Last month, millions of Americans acknowledged significant public health observances—National Recovery and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Both September events shine a light on mental illness and behavioral health disorders. When people do not receive the help they need or don’t feel safe asking for assistance, the risks are high. As we pointed out in previous… Continue reading Mental Illness Awareness Week

Recovery Month 2020: Celebrating Connections

At Pacific Shores, we hope you have found time to help raise awareness about suicide prevention. You may remember some of the suggestions we provided earlier in the month, such as posting infographics on social media. Spreading the message about suicide prevention is essential in the effort to reduce premature deaths and encourage people to… Continue reading Recovery Month 2020: Celebrating Connections

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Day

The last six months or more have been tough for tens of millions of Americans. Each of us has felt the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fear of contracting the deadly virus, loss of employment or financial safety nets, and mental distress are far too common. Sadly, the public health crisis has wreaked havoc on… Continue reading Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Day

Recovery Fellowship Despite COVID-19

At Pacific Shores Recovery, we hope that you and your family have managed to steer clear of the coronavirus. It’s not easy; some four million Americans – many in addiction recovery – have not been so fortunate. Our thoughts and prayers go out to every citizen whose life has been touched by COVID-19. As we… Continue reading Recovery Fellowship Despite COVID-19

Recovery Members With Criminal Records

Loss of employment in America is second only to loss of life on the list of dire consequences regarding the coronavirus pandemic. For men and women in addiction recovery, losing one’s job can have disastrous consequences. Employment gives people a sense of purpose and fills one’s day with productive activity. Some 123,188 Americans have succumbed… Continue reading Recovery Members With Criminal Records

Mental Health Month 2020: “You Are Not Alone”

Mental health is a topic on the minds of millions of Americans of late, the result of the global pandemic. Countless people across the world are struggling with anxiety, depression, and uncertainty. Fortunately, May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Each year, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and Mental Health America (MHA) use the… Continue reading Mental Health Month 2020: “You Are Not Alone”

Recovery Aided by the Great Outdoors

At Pacific Shores Recovery, we continue to provide help to those struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental illness in the wake of a global pandemic. The nation cannot forget that we are still dealing with a national addiction epidemic that steals hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Again, we want to remind every member… Continue reading Recovery Aided by the Great Outdoors

Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse

Relapses occur for a number of reasons, and long before someone takes the first drink or drug. Returning to the use of drugs and alcohol is a process that usually begins when a member of the addiction recovery community lets up on their dedication to the program. If one becomes complacent about how much work… Continue reading Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse