Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, which means that now is an excellent time to start planning. It’s vital to have a schedule for navigating the holiday so that you can keep your recovery intact. It’s no secret that the holiday season is challenging for people in recovery, but that does not mean… Continue reading Thanksgiving 2020 In Recovery

Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse

Relapses occur for a number of reasons, and long before someone takes the first drink or drug. Returning to the use of drugs and alcohol is a process that usually begins when a member of the addiction recovery community lets up on their dedication to the program. If one becomes complacent about how much work… Continue reading Addiction Recovery: Preventing Relapse

Recovery Benefits from Healthy Sleeping Habits

People who spend years in the throes of addiction are usually malnourished physically, mentally, and spiritually by the time they seek treatment. Long-term drug and alcohol use takes a terrible toll on the human body; part of the recovery process is healing from the damage. Fortunately, the human mind and body have a remarkable ability… Continue reading Recovery Benefits from Healthy Sleeping Habits

Recovery Meetings are Essential to Progress

With Thanksgiving behind us now, people in recovery can start thinking about the plans for the December—another potentially problematic month. If you managed to avoid relapse over the recent holiday, then you have achieved a significant milestone. You probably stuck to your program routine and stayed close to your support network by attending meetings and… Continue reading Recovery Meetings are Essential to Progress

Recovery Depends On Being Open and Honest

Relapse prevention is an essential component of recovery; men and women need to protect their program completely. It is not easy to avoid people, places, and things that can compromise progress. Those who prevent relapse are people willing to do whatever it takes to keep their disease in remission. There will be days when you… Continue reading Recovery Depends On Being Open and Honest

Recovery Requires Continued Action

Doing something for your addiction recovery every day is essential. That is something that people who seek treatment learn after detoxification concludes. Those who are affected by alcohol and substance use disorder have to remind themselves that progress is lost without continued effort. Unlike many illnesses, mental and behavioral health conditions can only be managed.… Continue reading Recovery Requires Continued Action

Recovery on the Fourth of July

Pacific Shores Recovery would like to wish everyone a wonderful Fourth of July! The solstice has come and gone, but Independence Day is when summer kicks off for most people. Warmer weather and longer days mean more time outside with those important to us. Naturally, men and women in recovery want to take steps to… Continue reading Recovery on the Fourth of July

Addiction Recovery Through The Holidays

Individuals working a program of recovery can benefit significantly from having a strategy for the holidays. While most people look forward to days like Christmas, that is not always the case for those in addiction recovery. Men and women working a program must avoid stressful situations. Unfortunately, the holiday season is often accompanied by negative… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Through The Holidays

Eating Healthy In Addiction Recovery

Towards the beginning of November, we wrote about the importance of staying physically active during addiction treatment and thereafter. The fitness of one’s body plays a significant role in bolstering mental health. So, it will probably be of little surprise to read that what you eat should be something worth considering for anyone in addiction… Continue reading Eating Healthy In Addiction Recovery

Addiction Recovery Support Network

If you are new to recovery, then you have hopefully gleaned by now that you cannot stay on track without support. The chances are that you tried to get clean and sober on more than one occasion on sheer will alone, only to find that more was required. Addicts and alcoholics try just about anything… Continue reading Addiction Recovery Support Network