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In recent posts, we have discussed the value of eating right and exercising regularly in recovery. We talked about how a healthy mind is a contingent upon a healthy body and vice versa. It is worth adding to the previous discussions that prioritizing physical fitness doesn’t have to be a drag. In fact, adding exercise routine into your routine can be a lot of fun. And in sobriety, “we aren’t a glum lot … We absolutely insist on enjoying life.”

Many people are embracing 2019 as they would the beginning of any other year, choosing to look at this as an opportunity to make improvements. A good percentage of people in recovery would like to lead a healthier existence, some are giving smoking cessation a thought while others have their eye on shedding a few pounds. As with any resolution, one should be flexible in recovery to keep one’s expectations in check.

Making a point of investing oneself into leading a more physically fit lifestyle is not an easy task. Some people require direction, whereas others may prefer working out in solitude. Whichever scenario one desires, sometimes what is needed most is finding an environment that is affordable and where people in recovery feel welcome.

In early sobriety, the majority of individuals are hardly comfortable in their own skin, the thought of exercising in a fitness center among perfect strangers may be too much for some to handle. Even if one is not reticent, gym memberships are often cost prohibitive. What if there were an exercise center where people in recovery could work together to meet their goals? Mirabile dictu, such a place exists at 20 states around the country.

A Gym for People In Recovery

In the rooms of Alcoholic Anonymous, the one requirement is a desire to stop drinking. At The Phoenix, a free sober active community, the only membership fee for participation is 48 hours of sobriety. The organization offers men and women in recovery the opportunity to participate in activities like CrossFit, rock climbing, hiking, running, cycling, yoga, and more. The organization writes:

Whether it’s finding new friends at home or starting over in a new city, this critical phase of recovery can leave people utterly isolated when they are most in need of connection. That’s why The Phoenix harnesses the transformative power of community to give people in recovery the support they so desperately need. Whether you’re 10 years sober, just starting down the path to recovery or supporting someone who has made the decision to get clean and sober, our community is full of people who not only understand what you’re going through, but are ready, willing and able to give you the support to rise above addiction/substance use disorder…

At the locations specified here, the organization host daily classes at no financial cost. They provide the necessary equipment for taking part, and they encourage people to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. More than 22,000 people have taken part in The Phoenix. Please take a moment to watch a short video:

If you are having trouble watching, please click here.

So, if you are looking for a new way to have fun in recovery and improve your physical fitness at the same time, looking into the above option may be helpful. Any opportunity to engage with others in recovery, outside “the rooms,” can be immensely beneficial.

Fun In Recovery

At Pacific Shores Recovery, we offer residential treatment and sober living service for men and women seeking long-term recovery. We stress the value of healing the body along with the mind and spirit; and, the importance of having fun while you engage in activities that promote physical well-being. To that end, our clients have access to a 24-Hour Fitness. Please contact us to discover the many benefits that come with entrusting us with your care.