Weekly Activities at Pacific Shores Rehab

One of the neat things about being a small family-run operation is that we are able to do many fun things in an intimate setting. We’re also able to look at the pulse of the group, that is, if the group dynamic is saying they want to do a lot more outdoor activities, we’re able to pivot and do mainly outdoor activities. Every 3 or 4 months it feels like it changes, a different flavor comes in when a community comes together.

The way our weeks are set up is like an emotional surgery. Monday through Thursday is the heavy lifting part where we get the spiritual, emotional, psychological breakthroughs. We expose the wounds and do therapy, core group and activities that have to do with growth work. And then as the week progresses we get really tired, we slow down to have lighter group activities and some outings. On weekends we do outings of something fun.

We do a variety of different activities here at Pacific Shores. Let’s give you some examples of the types of activities we do at our center located in Orange County.

Going out on a boat
In the summer, our clients are often out with some of the case managers and staff on a boat going around the harbor and just enjoying a few hours in the afternoon, to see what it’s like to just be able to relax and reflect on all the emotional processing that they did during the day, to be able to have fun in nature, of seeing things. Some have never been on a boat before, while others grew up as sailors. It’s so neat seeing the myriad of people that come through. That’s one of the things we do in summertime as an absolute blast.

Beach outings
We do a lot of beach outings whether it’s barbecues, fire pits, sports like volleyball, just different things to build, have fun, and learn how to do team work. These activities help build bonds within the community.

Hiking and Go-karting
Some of our outings include going on hikes in the neighboring cities. There’s one in Laguna Beach called the Top of the World – a lot of people absolutely loved the views at the top, to move their body again – it’s physical but it’s not too crazy. We also do go-karting and people love that too.

Volunteering and Community Building
We help participate in community rebuild activities and volunteering work as well. One of the things that is recently opening back up is dog-walking at a rescue shelter – some people are really passionate about that. We’ve done some food pantry work before, helping people pack meals for those who are less fortunate.

These are just an idea of the different activities that we are able to do here in Orange County. It’s sunny almost all year round so we’re able to do all sorts of fun things to get out. There’s a whole myriad of things that are consistently going on each month. So those are some of our weekly activities here at the Pacific Shores and if you have questions about how we can support you on your journey to recovery, don’t hesitate to reach out: 1-888-435-7750