What to Expect after Detox – Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Newport Beach, CA

I remember that book when my wife was pregnant, ‘What to Expect when Expecting.’ Maybe we’ll do a little book, ‘What to Expect after Detox, Inpatient and Recovery Process.’

You can expect a lot of things after detox. First of all in detox we want to make sure that the individual is as comfortable as possible because the body and the mind goes through so many different aspects during that time. Once you’re past the detox we get you into the core therapy groups and individual therapy and other educational groups as quickly as possible.

We know that you have a finite amount of time here so our goal is to cram decades of experience, lessons, tools, tactics and strategies to help you overcome what had been going on in your life. And we have to condense all of it down into 90 days, sometimes 60 days. So we look to do things pretty accelerated and we’re really big on repetition, of making sure that we get you the information and then looking each week at how we are applying the information we just learned. Because the biggest tragedy is learning all these great tools and tactics and then not applying them.

Purge the Pain so you can Change

We want you to get into group therapy and from the feedback we get, there are some dominant types of groups that provide by far, hands down, the most value at really getting to the core issues to help you expedite the process, to learn and to grow. We call it “purging the pain so we can go ahead and change.” 

When people come in and detox we actually open up the option for them during this process so it could be as quickly as within a couple days of finishing detox and they’re actually feeling good enough to be able to sit in to start this process. So one of the things that we really look for is to see how quickly we can get in there with you and can begin to help you through this healing process through individual therapy, through getting with your case manager or counselor, making sure that you’re doing the work each day.

Full Immersion

When you start the process with us, you’re getting the tools, you have things to read

and assignments to do, and it’s not just hanging out and sitting around watching TV. We’re aware that you have a limited amount of time to really ingrain this. 

This is one of the main reasons why we are all about the process of having you here and engulfed in this process during this time. It’s not a thing of a few hours and then it’s not. From the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep we want full immersion for you. We want to make sure you are surrounded by the team and really digging in and using the time while you are here.

Diving in at the Deep End

So after detox our goal is to get you right into the inpatient setting where you are learning the tools and you are really digging deep. The analogy we like to use is to imagine a pool and at the deep end, some people just barely dip their toe and slowly get in, and you certainly can but we really encourage you to go all in. We might say, “Hey, we’ve got lifeguards all over here, jump in!”

Those who jump in and do the full immersion process and surrender to the process grow exponentially while they are here. Whether you are a person who dips the toe in or you’re a person who says “Hey, I’m at a point in my life where I need to go all in, I got change, I need to get it quick, and I’m ready”, we encourage you to jump all in. We are able to meet you where you are and help you along with this healing process

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