Wife of Veteran talks about Tools for Addiction

“It was actually very chaotic, struggling with his drinking addiction. In the beginning I used to drink with him. I was never really much of a drinker but I caught myself drinking a lot and I started noticing it was a problem. So I gave up drinking completely hoping he would follow my footsteps.
After coming to the program he learned so many different tools on how to cope with his disease and also how to get through everyday life. He has just changed drastically.

The way we are learning to work through our heart issues is so much different than before. There’s no screaming, there’s no yelling, we’re actually communicating! That was one of the biggest things we struggled with, is communication, and that is something we both learned throughout this process. We are communicating and sharing with each other our thoughts and feelings.”
-Wife of a Veteran

For over two decades Pacific Shores Recovery, located in beautiful Orange County, California, has been a leader in providing Detox, Residential Treatment (RTC), and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) for those recovering from alcohol and/or drug addiction. Pacific Shores is within walking distance of Newport Beach’s majestic oceanfront, the bay, and shopping. You can walk or bike to five espresso cafes, seventeen restaurants, and countless shops, boutiques and supermarkets. Numerous recreational activities are available in our local mountains, desert and beaches.