Why are some people who struggle with addiction able to learn how to outgrow it and go on to live a life full of joy and fulfillment, where others seem to just stay stuck in the cycle of chaos?

With over 20 years experience working in the addiction field, Mark has helped thousands of people through their journey in recovery.

This book is the step by step blueprint on how to create the life you desire free from addiction. You will learn how to leverage the 5 Foundational Freedoms, the 4 Codes, and the 3 Decrees so you can learn how to take back your life once and for all. These pages are filled with the tools, habits and strategies that blend evidence-based methods along with holistic principles to help you heal through any addiction, and are unlike any traditional program you may have encountered before.


"My life was going too fast and I had lost my non profit business and ended up losing hope as even rehabs couldn't help me.. Now people don't even recognize me. I'm a new person. I had so much guilt and shame and you were instrumental in me recognizing this. My life is on track and I'm excited"


"I couldn't fathom my life 6-8 months ago that it would be this whole and this free today.. I'm at a spot that I've always wanted to be in..I'm living life again and I'm free"


"It was a mind blowing experience because I saw it in action. It was nice having a platform to better myself and to work on what I was putting up which was a front for so long.."


"Within the last 2 or 3 weeks I've been waking up and not having to fight as hard for my sobriety anymore. It's just become who I am. I've been experiencing so much peace lately it's been amazing."


The Recovery Way is a way of living a fulfilled life and not just about quitting or fighting to stay sober.