Are you a veteran that is struggling with civilian life and your drinking has gotten out of your control?

Veterans, Your Courage Has a New Battlefield

You’ve given your all to serve our country, facing challenges most people can't even begin to understand. Now, back at home, you might find yourself fighting a different kind of battle, one against addiction. We get it, and that’s exactly why we’re here. At Pacific Shores Recovery, right in the heart of Newport Beach, CA, we’ve created a special place just for veterans like you.

Tailored Addiction Recovery for Heroes

Your journey, and your struggles, matter. That’s why we’ve tailored our program specifically for veterans. Our team ensures you're getting the right kind of help. We lean on the 4 Codes of Conduct and the 5 Foundational Freedoms to guide us, ensuring that what we offer isn’t just effective, but deeply meaningful.

Take Charge Against Your Addiction

Imagine a day when alcohol and drugs don’t dictate your life, where you wake up feeling in control and hopeful. It’s more than possible. Our approach is all-encompassing, tackling addiction head-on with therapies that heal both mind and body, supported by a community that truly understands because they’ve walked this path too. We’re here to help you rebuild, using your strength as a veteran to forge a vibrant, fulfilling life ahead.

Ready to Start This Journey?

It might feel scary to take that first step, but remember, you’re not doing this alone. Getting started with us is as easy as reaching out. No mountain of paperwork, no hoops to jump through. Just a simple step towards a huge change. Don’t let another day slip by in the shadow of addiction. Enlist today for our specialized Veteran's treatment services. Let’s tackle this next mission together. Your future is bright, and it starts now