The mission of Pacific Shores Recovery is to provide safe and sober transitional housing and sober living for persons that have experienced alcohol and/or drug addiction related problems.

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What is Addiction?

Addiction is a disease, not a choice. Humans (and other animals) learn to survive through a reward system. When we do something like exercising or eating, it aids our survival, so our brain’s limbic system rewards us by releasing dopamine, a chemical that makes us feel good.

The reward center in our brain is affected by different substances, and drugs and alcohol release extremely high levels of dopamine, making the user feel high.

The brain’s release of high levels of dopamine impact its reward center, so a user learns that abusing substances will give them a rush. Since the amount of dopamine release is irregular, the brain has a difficult time regaining its natural chemical balance.

When the brain is off balance, a user can experience withdrawal, or a hangover. The addict needs to use drugs or alcohol again to make his brain feel normal, which creates a terrible cycle.

Prolonged substance abuse can cause the brain to stop producing a natural amount of dopamine, creating a physical dependency.

In the disease model of addiction, the brain becomes reorganized. Priorities are switched around, so drugs or alcohol become its top priority. The drug has hijacked the brain, so his ability to control his own behavior is disrupted, despite potentially devastating consequences.

Drugs and alcohol will eventually lose its ability to reward the brain, but the brain will still tell the addict to chase after it. The memories of the highs become more powerful than the drug.

Why seek substance abuse treatment?

Health Reasons - There are a number of health reasons to seek addiction treatment. Substance abuse can:

Behavioral Issues - Drugs and alcohol can cause behavioral issues such as:

Family And Relationship Troubles - Substance abuse can cause family and relationship issues like :

Benefits of Seeking Substance Abuse Treatment:

If you are ready to stop the cycle and get addiction help, Pacific Shores Recovery is here for you. We are a certified California substance abuse treatment center with a caring staff. We will welcome you without judgment; our goal is to help you live a new, healthy life.


Please feel free to call our staff today at 949-574-2510 and tour our facilities.

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Admissions Process

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