The mission of Pacific Shores Recovery is to provide safe and sober transitional housing and sober living for persons that have experienced alcohol and/or drug addiction related problems.

Clinical Care

Addiction doesn’t exist in a vacuum. People may attempt to use substances to numb pain or mask problems. However, substance use makes someone’s pain more intolerable and their problems worse. To truly address a substance use disorder and break the cycle of addiction, it is vital to understand what is going on in one’s life and how it is contributing to their disorder.

At Pacific Shores Recovery, we provide clinical care to help our clients identify the roots of their suffering. It’s a core part of our addiction treatment services, and we consider it perhaps the most important piece of a person’s journey in recovery.


How We Approach Clinical Care

When you come to Pacific Shores Recovery, you will receive treatment at one location as opposed to being shuffled around in buses for different stages of care. Consistency is essential when establishing new routines and ways of thinking. It allows us to provide a healing environment in which our clients can truly flourish.


Constant Access to Care

Each client that comes to our facility has their own unique needs. Pacific Shores Recovery offers several tools to help them in their journey. Our clients meet with their therapist and case manager at least once a week in a one-on-one session.

In some cases, a client needs more one-on-one work. We have an open-door policy, so those that want to meet or consult with our clinical staff always have someone to speak to. This is particularly helpful when treating the underlying issues that contribute to addiction, such as depression, anxiety and trauma.

Another key part of our approach to clinical care is gender-specific group sessions. In these sessions, clients not only speak to our clinical staff about issues they’re dealing with, they can also connect with others on similar paths in a warm, accepting environment.


Treating the Whole Person

Recovery isn’t easy work, but once someone makes a commitment to the process, they will find an experience of life unlike anything they could have imagined. A new life awaits you on the other side of addiction. Embrace a fresh start today: call our Southern California rehab at 949.574.2510 to learn more about our clinical care.

Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs

Admissions Process

Admissions Process

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